Director's Message

The Public Policy Center in the College of Social Sciences at the University of Hawaii provides opportunities for students, faculty and the community to study, research and be involved in policy oriented initiatives and projects. The Center conducts policy analyses and research designed to solve complex social problems, and it facilitates community-based dialogs and forums on policy topics of interest.

I believe there is a growing need for faculty, students and policy practitioners to be knowledgeable about specific policy areas as well as the techniques of policy analysis, research and evaluation. Important public policy issues range from such diverse issues as promoting a sustainable future, protecting the cultural and environmental aspects of our communities, to overcoming the barriers to obtaining health insurance and confronting the issues of an aging population. This Public Policy Center brings together interested faculty, students, community members and policy makers with the goal of enhancing the quality of community life throughout Hawai'i, the rest of the United States and the Asia and Pacific region, through a better understanding of the policy making process and the rigorous analysis of public policy issues.

Colin Moore, Public Policy Center, UH Mānoa

Colin Moore
Director, Public Policy Center